Faculty Recruitment

The Department of Climate Change at IIT Hyderabad is a virtual department. This means that the department offers M.Tech. and Ph.D. programs similar to other departments, but it does not have its own faculty. Rather faculty from other departments at IITH who work on climate-related topics are affiliated with the department. At present, faculty from 13 departments at IITH are affiliated with the Department of Climate Change.

In the context of recruitment, this means that prospective faculty interested in joining the Department of Climate Change must first apply to one or more of the 13 departments that best fits their profile. As part of their application, prospective applicants should develop their research and teaching plans to align with both their intended parent department/s as well as the Department of Climate Change. Applications will be evaluated by the parent departments; subsequent decisions about career growth etc. will also be made by the parent department to which applicants may eventually belong. Successful applicants may affiliate themselves with the Department of Climate Change upon joining IITH. This will entail undertaking teaching and supervision responsibilities as part of different Climate Change programs. Faculty affiliated with the Department of Climate Change will have the opportunity to develop collaborations that build on the extremely interdisciplinary mix of faculty affiliated with the department. They will also be able to avail departmental resources, including funding opportunities, through the Department of Climate Change.

Prospective applicants should note that each of the 13 departments may have their own specific guidelines for preparing application materials: please review these carefully before submitting your application to IITH. Rolling advertisement for faculty recruitment may be found at this link; applications for faculty positions can be submitted through our faculty recruitment portal.

For additional information, please contact head@cc.iith.ac.in.